Wild Lantana Bookplate Stickers


This vintage image is very similar to a beautiful wild lantana that is a staple of our landscape every Spring and Summer in South Texas. Along with our beloved wildflowers, its' appearance always announces the quick approach of another warm, lazy Summer. 

Wild Lantana Bookplate Stickers:

• printed on high quality (fine stationery level) warm white label sheeting

• sold in sets of five, ten or twenty

measure approximately 2 5/8" across and 3 1/2" high

self-adhesive, peel-and-stick style

• custom cut, following the edge of the frame

• Available blank for a handwritten name (shown in the first photo, choose "blank" under material options) or personalized with one name per set (digital examples shown in the third photo).

• If you prefer a printed name, simply choose the "personalized" material option (and the quantity you prefer: 5 or 10 bookplates) and leave the name exactly as you want it to appear (important! I copy/paste the text you provide) in the field provided. The font used is shown in the last photo ("How to Order").

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