We're moving!

February 20, 2021

OK, this move may only be about 50 feet from our front door in distance, but it will be a whole new world for Sunshine and Ravioli. We are this close to finishing up the interior of our new studio/workshop and it's kind of exciting. The biz is overtaking our 1700 square foot house (which is the perfect size for a couple of empty nesters) and with the growth we've been experiencing, it was time to either rent work space or add a building to our property. This was the much more budget friendly option (once we have the interior finished. Anyone noticed that the price of wood has skyrocketed during the pandemic? We hadn't when we started this adventure.). Not to mention, I really, really, REALLY  like working from home. I will be sharing more photos as the interior comes together and we start loading in and getting to work. 
But the main reason for this post is right here. I'm lazy and there are some overstock and/or discontinued items that I do not want to find a home for in the new studio. My loss. Your gain. Head over to Sunshine and Ravioli and check out our new sale section. 
Some items are just overstock and will be back (we got a little too enthusiastic in our making frenzy last Fall). Others are being discontinued to make room for new stuff in 2021. Items that are discontinued are identified in the product descriptions (these ornaments will be discontinued once they are gone, sad as it makes me).  Regardless, everything on this page is priced to sell! As we are getting closer to "moving day", more items may be added as I find them, so check back regularly. 

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